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This page is mostly dedicated to History studies and reports.

I am very sorry to announce that Sepi, my father, passed away today, August 16, 2011. 

- Yuval and the family



Contents: � 1992 Roni Barth


I was born in Bucharest, Rumania on the 19th of August, 1925. My youth was very pleasant and I have good memories of my beautiful motherland and the wonderful Rumanian people.

My father was Zionist and in February 1941, not long after the rebellion of the Iron Guard against General Antonescu, left for Palestine with mother and his five children. We settled in Haifa. I entered the Reali School and have my best memory of my fellow students who assisted me in acclimatizing to a new country. Hebrew became my main language.

Upon completing my school studies I joined the Settlement Police, serving thus the Jewish Defence Force Hagana at Kfar Yeladim in the valley of Yizrael.

After completion of my service I entered the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. My studies were interrupted by the War of Independence. During the War I was in regiment 22 who had a great share in the fighting in the North. We won the War, and I continued my studies graduating as B.Sc. in 1951 and earning a second degree in 1952.

I started teaching Mathematics at the Technion at first as an assistant and later as a lecturer. My most important achievement at the time were my teaching pamphlets which were used by all teachers of the Institute and my performance as practical editor and part writer of the Mathematics Teaching books of the Institute. These books did not mention any name and were published in the name of the Mathematics faculty .

Meanwhile I had three children. My salary did not enable me to raise my children and I turned to administrative work, continuing however all the time to teach mathematics. For a certain time time I was assistant general manager in the Polytechnical Institute.

At first I worked in the office of my father Henry J Presente . Later on I worked as Chief Accountant, Comptroller and Assistant General Manager in the Palestine Oilseeds and Fodder Co , Caessarea Company, Silos and Warehouses, Lamisco and Isrex Companies. I concentrated on export and my greatest achievement was the major part played in the two "Feria- Expocision" in Buenos Aires of Argentine in 1968 and 1969

On 13th April, 1970 I suffered a head operation for the removal of an acoustic neurinoma. Later on a medical committee of the National Insurance declared me a permanent 100% invalid I was not hearing at all on my right side, did not have any balance, and suffered from ataxia of my right limbs . I could walk with the help of a walking cane but could not write with my right hand.

I joined the office of my father who changed the name of the company to Henry J Presente and Son Co Ltd. I found quickly that an invalid could perform very much in the export-import business . I could not forsake the intellectual field. Whereas my head could not be used for mathematics I directed me to economics obtaining a BSc Economics degree from the London University and to History obtaining a General BSc degree from the Open University. The Historical direction was the main one.

In 1975 my father died and I continued aloneto manage our Import-Export business. The work was rather nerve consuming and in 1982 I suffered my first heart attack. During the following years I had additional heart attacks. In 1985 after my heart attack and my removal to the intensive care department of Rambam Hospital in Haifa, I had a subsequent heart rest. After several electric shorts I was returned to life, but my wife was called in and received the advise that I stop my work and dedicate the rest of my life to more pleasant and less nerve consuming things, like study of History for instance.

We agreed and I decided to concentrate on History Study, presuming that a new heart attack will put an end to this 'interim period'. I did not want to study for any degree but found that due to my languages knowledge , could be of use to my fellow students, studying for all kind of degrees and upon occasion even to lecturers ,Doctors or Professors.

This way I continued for 14 years, learning also to use my computer. Things were changing rapidly. One could best study History on the Web and had the access to all historical sites. There was no point in writing anything in English or a European language. One could be of any practical help only by using the Hebrew language.

I decided to have Hebrew articles in my home page. If there is any interested party he can download my Hebrew articles and have them on his own disk.

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