Shay-El (Presente) Photo Album

Check out the photos from Sepi's 80th birthday party, 2005.

and the photos from Orly and Drora's 2004 birthday lunch.

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The Bar Mitsva series:

Or - 1997:
Or's Bar Mitsva Or's Bar Mitsva Orly and Yair Or, Savta Drora and Saba Sepi

Alon - 1998:
Alon's at the bar Alon And Gili Barth at Beit Cneset

Zohar - 1999:

Zohar, Orly and Yair Zohar, Orly and Yair

The Barth section:
'Stand on the right': Barth family in London Underground Gili at Covent Garden, 1999 Gili with friends at Trafalgar Square

Nogga Shachar
Nogga Nogga Nogga

Some Oldies but Goldies
Frida Dani and Noli Henry and Noli, 1947 Sepi and Noli, 1947 Presente Family, 1959
Gemini and Marcel, 1938 Henry, Simona and Gemini 1939 Sepi Simona and Gemini, 1933
Orly Shachar (Shay-El) Orly Orly
Yuval Yuval Shay-El Family at the Presente mansion

More pictures
Yuval, Gili and Nogga, 1998 At Marion's , 1998 Sepi, 1998

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1999 Yuval Shay-El


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